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Are you continuing your classes? You are all set!!

Do you want to add a class?  You can either enroll yourself online or email rita@sbdancearts.com

Do you want a payment plan? Please email Rita by 1/17/18 if you would like a payment plan for your spring classes. For your convenience we have 1, 2, 3, and 4 month payment plans.

Do you want to drop a class? Please email rita@sbdancearts.com.  

We offer a TWO WEEK GRACE PERIOD for classes from your agreed start date to formally withdraw. For new enrollments, you must notify the office within 24 hours of the agreed upon second class in order to withdraw.  To withdraw a parent must email rita@sbdancearts.com or contact the office via phone or in person.  If you withdraw from classes before the auto charge, you will be charged the a la carte rate for the class(es) that occurred before you communicated your drop with the office.

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There are lots of shoes, water bottles and
clothing items waiting to be picked up. 

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Plan Ahead- Save The Date!

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please support our Non-profit partner

help give the gift of dance to those in need

Meet Cassandra. She is a 12 year old girl who was abandoned by her drug-addicted parents and put into the foster system.  Her foster mother came to us to help Cassandra find emotional health and belonging.  While her therapists worked on major trauma she sustained throughout her volatile childhood, dance became a place for her to find strength, empowerment, and identity.  The Arts Mentorship Program provided a partial financial scholarship for a summer camp to help make the experience possible. Seeing the positive changes in Cassandra and her love for our program, her dance instructors became committed to Cassandra and volunteered a part of their paychecks to underwrite her future weeks of dance camp. 

Her first day of summer camp, she was nervous and shy, but a legion of friendly faces welcomed her into the fold.  By lunch, she was practicing her dances with a group of girls in the studio.  She remained guarded, but took great pride in perfecting her dances for the weekly showcase.  As she took the small stage, you could see her confidence grow with every step, and when the room erupted in thunderous applause, her face completely changed. It wasn’t just happy; it was utter and complete joy. 

Have you ever watched a child’s eyes when they discover joy in something they really love? Their eyes widen, their smile grows, and they stand taller.  As parents, we drive all over town from activity to activity to find that one thing that will give them joy and a positive outlet.  In our community, there are thousands of children like Cassandra , who need an outlet to cope emotionally and avoid serious consequences like depression, drugs, or exploitation.   

AMP changes lives.  Cassandra’s life was transformed from simple survival to finding her creativity and her passion.  Her world had been ripped apart, and she had been handed a heavy load that no child should have to carry alone.  Dance helped her find happiness, self-worth and a sense of belonging.  AMP provided her with a mentor to guide her through her progress and challenges; this is a part of AMP’s Mission Statement. 
Together we make a difference,
*The family’s names were changed to protect their privacy.

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Fun Stuff

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What Progress in Dance Looks Like

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make-ups & ImportanT POlicies

Safety First!

While we allow dancers to wait in the lobby and common area in between classes,
we are not responsible for unattended children outside the classroom.

In order to keep our space safe from unwanted vagrants, we will lock both the front and back doors at 7:15pm

Please remember dancers should never be asked to wait outside for parents.

Mega Important Policies

We have highlighted some of our most important policies for you.

  • Our season is September to May

  • NO REFUNDS after the two week grace period from agreed upon start date

  • We do not offer makeups for personal absences or illness, but we DO offer makeups for Studio Holiday Closure - please see calendar and handbook for details

  • View our handbook for a complete guide to studio policies.