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Are you continuing your classes? You are all set!!

Do you want to add a class?  You can either enroll yourself online or email rita@sbdancearts.com

Do you want a payment plan? Please email Rita by 1/10/18 if you would like a payment plan for your spring classes. For your convenience we have 1, 2, 3, and 4 month payment plans.

Do you want to drop a class? Please email rita@sbdancearts.com.  

We offer a TWO WEEK GRACE PERIOD for classes from your agreed start date to formally withdraw. For new enrollments, you must notify the office within 24 hours of the agreed upon second class in order to withdraw.  To withdraw a parent must email rita@sbdancearts.com or contact the office via phone or in person.  If you withdraw from classes before the auto charge, you will be charged the a la carte rate for the class(es) that occurred before you communicated your drop with the office.

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Earn trade credit to help pay for tuition!  We are looking for someone to help take dancer measurements during classes during the weeks of January 8 and January 15.  If you are interested please contact the office.

There are lots of shoes, water bottles and clothing ITEMS waiting to be picked up. UNCLAIMED ITEMS WILL BE
DONATED 12/14.


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Not Just For Kids!

Sweat out the sweets this holiday season- Teens welcome to drop in over break!

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Plan Ahead- Save The Date!

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please support our Non-profit partner

help give the gift of dance to those in need

Last month, we welcomed a new dance family to our scholarship program.   Lupe* is a single mom with two children who has never received above a second grade education.  She is coming out of an abusive relationship and just trying to recover from the trauma and provide a better life for her children.   

While her first thoughts were to secure shelter and food for her family, she realized that her daughter was missing something intangible, but just as vital as the air we breathe. She was missing out on the joy and magic of childhood.  She was referred to us through CALM (Child Abuse Listening and Meditation), and received a scholarship for her daughter to heal through dance.  
Her daughter arrived to the studio with wide eyes and folded arms.  They walked in the apparel shop onsite at studio, and her daughter, Darlene, was fitted for her jazz shoes.  Immediately a smile formed, she twirled and carefully looked in the mirror as she stood up taller.   Lupe offered the saleswoman, Margaret, a crumbled $10.00 bill.  The woman glanced nervously at the register that came up with a charge of $30.00. She could tell this was all she had.  Without hesitation, Margaret pulled cash out of her wallet and paid for Darlene’s shoes. Tears brimmed in Lupe’s eyes and beautiful Darlene did not even see what had transpired…. she had already danced her way out of the shop and into the lobby. She went on to light up in her class. She stood in the front and hung on every beat and movement.  Our instructor overheard telling her mom in Spanish, “I feel like I found my home.”

A pair of shoes literally changed her life.  The simple gesture of a stranger made this possible.  Darlene walked in the room to find ten other girls wearing the same shoes…. She immediately had a sense of belonging and comfort in a world where she has felt lost and unhappy.  Dance has the ability to break down socioeconomic, racial, and social boundaries and bring unity and confidence.  It also helped a mom recapture a dream that was broken by abuse.  She could provide her child with the same joy we all want for our children, and while that does not carry the same tangible weight as food and shelter, it is what makes us human.
We invite you to join Margaret and making the difference in the life of a child.   No amount is too small. $30 can buy them a pair of shoes and a dream, or you could help make that dream a reality by supporting our programs that bring the gift of dance through classes, mentorship, and a safe place for self-expression.
Together we make a difference,
*The family’s names were changed to protect their privacy.

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company corner

The Untapped Filming

SB Dance Arts was one of 20 studios in the country selected to be a part of the Untapped Movement!  They sent a film crew to create a special documentary that will tell the story of our studio.   50 dancers participated and it was an emotional and special day.   Our documentary will Premiere in early June- stay tuned for more details!

Untapped used our studio footage for the trailer for their upcoming season. Check out the video below!

Fun Stuff

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Does your inspired dancer want to move up a level or join one of our Performance Groups? Learn more in this month's blog entry!

Don't Forget!


Join Our Carpool group

make-ups & ImportanT POlicies

Let's Party!

We would love to bring some magic and fun to your child's party.  Affordable pricing and memories that will last a lifetime!

Safety First!

While we allow dancers to wait in the lobby and common area in between classes, we are not responsible for unattended children outside the classroom.

In order to keep our space safe from unwanted vagrants, we will lock both the front and back doors at 7:15pm

Please remember dancers should never be asked to wait outside for parents.

Mega Important Policies

We have highlighted some of our most important policies for you.

  • Our season is September to May
  • NO REFUNDS after the two week grace period from agreed upon start date
  • We do not offer makeups for personal absences or illness, but we DO offer makeups for Studio Holiday Closure - please see calendar and handbook for details
  • View our handbook for a complete guide to studio policies.