COMPANY: Ages 9+


What sets us apart from other programs is that we focus on so much more than just dance, while maintaining a commitment to technical excellence. We value artistry over trophies and tricks. If your child loves dance, and is ready for a greater commitment, community and an immersive dance experience, then our family of performance groups can help them on a positive path for success.

Company is the cornerstone of our program and a place where young dancers grow with core values based on quality training, mentorship, leadership and the joy of movement and self-expression.  We want your child to have a sense of community, worthiness and a place to belong.   Almost all of our students remain in the program until graduation and go on to work in the industry, become leaders inside of their chosen field, and owe a great debt to the discipline dance brought them. Plus colleges and future employers always love to see a child who is committed and grows inside of their passions.  Ultimately… THEY LOVE IT! Click the links below to learn more!


Audition Info:

September 6th 3:30pm-7:15pm and September 7th 9:00am-4:45pm

Must complete the following to audition for Company, Pre-Company, and our Competitive Teams

  1. Must pay Audition Fee and fill out Audition Form (links below) by August 9th at 3pm

  2. Sign Up/Complete two weeks of Destination Dance Summer Camp (Full Days)

  3. Review Calendar and Information Packet Above

  4. Parent and Dancer attend Pre-Audition Meeting

  5. NOTE: If you are doing a PRACTICE Audition and do not want to be considered for a Company or Pre-Company Spot, please pay the audition fee and notify that you intend to do a PRACTICE Audition.

Please review the calendar link above for our most current calendar.  We will populate the app below throughout the month of July. Some dates may shift as we get the final school and MAD Academy Calendars.