Why Dance and Why Dance Arts?

It is that time of year where you are trying to build the perfect after-school activities for your child. It feels like you are building a jigsaw puzzle between carpools and schedules. We are here to help you make one activity a little easier – welcome to Dance Arts, where you come for dance and stay for community.

Dance builds confidence, poise, and helps develop motor skills and coordination. It helps children find joy through self-expression and a healthy place to express emotions.

Dance Arts becomes their second home where they form friendships, and have a safe place to be after classes. Whether it is having a class buddy or assistant, mentorship is at the heart of the program. Walk in our lobby and you will see our culture and values: excellence, age-appropriate costumes and music, family first and a place to belong.

From your first class to high school graduation, we have been watching dancers grow up on stage for 20 years. The confidence your child finds performing in front of an audience of hundreds, will make them prepared to stand in front of a board room or speak in front of their graduating class. We have watched friendships form in Disney Dance at age 5 and then grow until they stand up in each other’s wedding. It has been a blessing.

We are proud to be More Than Just Great Dancing, and are here to serve you.Each family will receive a welcome gift, and we will communicate with you regularly to ensure your dancer is feeling at home at Dance Arts. Whether it is helping you find a carpool, setting your child up with an account in our café for snacks, or the fact that we do not charge for you to drop your dancer early or pick up late while you drive your other children to other activities, we hope you will choose Dance Arts for your child this year.

We have over 80 classes for ages 2-72, 20 teachers, 5 studios and 1 purpose

Let’s DANCE!