Leap into the New Year:Out of the Ashes and on to the Stage

As our community struggles to get back to normal after the Thomas Fire and an extended holiday break, it can be hard to find motivation.  As dancers, the break from movement is physical and emotional as we lose our core method of self expression, so getting back to dance is important on many levels.

This is exciting time for families to make dance a part of their New Year's goals. Even our youngest dancers can begin the process of having a 'New Years danceolution.' 

Tonight, at the dinner table, find out what your dancer wants to achieve this year. Do they want to get their splits? Be confident with their dance at recital? Try to progress to the next level for our 2018-19 season, or even consider trying out for one of our performance teams in the Spring or Fall?  

We believe that dance goals should always start from the inside out.  We conducted a powerful exercise with our student companies and had each dancer put on a blindfold while their peers wrote all the beautiful things they see in them, directly on their bodies. After they were finished, they had to take off the blindfold and read out loud, with 'I am' statements what was written on them.  It was so moving for these young women to realize how truly loved they are by their friends, role models, and impressionable young dancers. 

In that spirit, every good goal is best served with self confidence and a powerful "I am" statement.  We encourage dancers to write their personal 'I am' statement and goals on a piece of paper and put these on their dresser or mirror, so they can be reminded of what they want... even when months have passed.    Help your dancer make a plan to achieve these goals , whether it involves practice at home, adding classes or privates, or calling the studio to find out what your dancer can do to achieve these goals.  Help them set a deadline, as this is crucial in making any goal a reality!  Parents are the best facilitators and cheerleaders and we love being the supporters and accountability coaches that make these goals a reality. 

We cannot wait to watch this hard work pay off on stage at our Inspire Recital in May and as we move into the momentum of Fall Placement and Company Auditions.

Happy New Year and please let us know how we can support your dancer in making his or her dancing dreams a reality in 2018!