Team Dance Arts

What sets us apart from other programs is that we focus on so much more than just dance, while maintaining a commitment to technical excellence. We value artistry over trophies and tricks. If your child loves dance, and is ready for a greater commitment, community and an immersive dance experience, then our family of performance groups can help them on a positive path for success.

This team is for dancers who are seeking additional performance and training opportunities and inspiration beyond the studio walls.  Team Dance Arts will focus on achieving personal excellence and growth under the direction of Lauren Serrano and Alana Tillim.   We want this to be a nurturing and positive experience for your dancer.  We are very excited to watch dancers break boundaries and develop artistry as they are exposed to the industry’s top choreographers and receive valuable feedback to grow and improveapiece of work throughout the season.  

The team is comprised of our most committed dancers. They must audition to be a part of one of our Performance Companies (see Company Info Packet) and inside of that audition they will be considered for TDA group numbers, solos, duets, and trios.   Throughout the year they will bond as a team,  but also grow as individual artists.  The results are tangible and the families that make the extra commitment with cost and time see the return with dramatic improvement in technique, performance, and athleticism.  The bonds are deeper as these young dancers travel, train, and perform together across the state.

A portion of the funds raised from the Student Showcase in the spring have made the extra cost of this program attainable for dancers that might not otherwise be able to participate. In order to be considered for these funds, please apply for a fall scholarship and there will be a section in the sign up form where you can indicate you would like to be considered for these funds.  





See Company section for audition sign up and be sure to fill out the extra Team Dance Arts section on the sign up form.