New Teacher? No Problem

By: Alana Tillim

 Now that class has been in session for over a month, a lot of you are getting used to a new teacher!  Having a new teacher in class can be an awesome experience for any student, and especially a dance student!  Because dance is passed down from generation to generation and learned from person to person, every teacher’s perspective brings something special to the classroom.  Whether it’s the way they introduce a concept or how they explain a correction, a new teacher’s unique viewpoint can offer unexpected “lightbulb moments” in a child’s learning experience.

 Just like classes at school, our dance classes may have new teachers in place at the beginning of the season, at the new semester, or if a teacher requires a substitute during the year.  Here at SB Dance Arts, we understand that having a new dance teacher can be fun for some students and nerve-wracking for others.   If they are still getting used to their new teacher, here are some tips to help ease the transition!

  ●        New teachers are going to be different—but in a positive way

Going into class with an open mind is key to having a positive experience with a new teacher!  Talk to your child about the kinds of things they might learn from a new teacher, or what they want to know about that person.  Remind them that the previous teachers they’ve loved were once new to them too!  With time, this new relationship will develop and feel more secure.

 ●        Having a new teacher is great practice for school

It’s reassuring for your child to know that this won’t be the only time in their life that they meet a new teacher.  The dance classroom is a great place to practice getting to know someone new, because we all already have something special in common: We love to dance!  Finding those shared likes right away helps build the teacher-student bond no matter where you are.

 ●        A new teacher is eager to get to know their students

We know that any new teacher at SB Dance Arts is going to be excited to get to know the dancers in their class!  Talk to your child about how to show that they want to make a good impression, perhaps by raising their hand to answer a question or giving the teacher an extra “thank you” when class time is over.  This is in perfect alignment with our appreciation theme.  A new teacher will appreciate the extra effort as they are getting to know each student.

 We also suggest that you explain to your child that their teacher is probably a little nervous too!  And everyone will feel more comfortable once the dancing begins.  Dance unites us all in a pretty amazing way.  It helps us connect as humans, and gives us the confidence to try new things and welcome new people into our lives!