Why Gratitude Matters

Why Gratitude Matters

By: Alana Tillim

 Welcome back!  This season at SB Dance Arts we are focusing on GRATITUDE and APPRECIATION.  Studies have shown that the ONE proven link to happiness is gratitude.  Those who are the most appreciative live the happiest and most fulfilled lives.  Isn’t that what we want most for our children and ourselves? 

 It is  easy for our children to forget how lucky they are, when they live in one of the most beautiful cities in the world and get to pursue their passion for dance.   Kids, especially teens and tweens,  get  sucked into the complaining continuum.  How many times have you heard then them say, “I’m bored!”  or “I have nothing to wear, or “I wish I had my friend’s (insert anything here).”  This prevents them from appreciating that they have the luxury of boredom.  They don’t realize that they are blessed with closets full of clothes, while other kids would give their right arm for just a few items in their wardrobe.   They are always looking out at someone else’s life instead of looking around and appreciating what is right in front of them. 

 As parents, we get sucked into this narrative as well.   I am hoping that this year we can all come together and take pause to appreciate the beautiful things in our lives.  Our kids are watching, and instead of telling them to be grateful, our greatest gift lies in showing them the power of GRATITUDE… it is contagious!  

 Each month we are focusing on a different appreciation theme.  September’s theme is SELF APPRECIATION.  In our survey, many of you asked us to focus on positive body image, and we wanted to kick off the year by encouraging our dancers and families to look within and affirm what they love about themselves.  Please stop by the reception desk and fill out a flower for our Gratitude Garden and share what you appreciate about yourself.  Having a hard day?  Visit our Appreciation Station and take a quote to help inspire you… tuck it in your purse, post it on your mirror, or have your dancer put it in their room.   Our bathroom literature is focusing on tips for positive body image, and our teachers will be working in the classroom to spread body positive attitudes. 

 Please share your family’s gratitude journey by using #gratitudeistheattitude and tagging @sbdancearts on social media.  I believe that, TOGETHER,  we can help change the culture of our studio and our community.  THANK YOU for sharing your children with us!  It is going to be a great year!